About TLC.lk

About us

We represent the future in FIT tourism. Our key value proposition is to be in sync with the needs of today’s traveler and offer a travel solution, no matter at what point a traveler enters our service chain. Even if changes occur in the delivery process, the values and objectives remain the same. With these objectives in mind we are happy to introduce you to TLC.lk, probably one of the first destination management platforms (DMPs) in the world. 

“Steer your holiday”, stay in control.

Like you, we love travelling and we want each travel experience to be a memorable one. After careful evaluations, we buy travel products that suit our mood and budget. But it is the experience that we cherish most of all. Memorable travel experiences are created by the offer of good and consistent service, another facet that we value. We also want recognition to be placed on those who serve with dedication. 

There are times we want to spoil ourselves with a little bit of comfort, at time we want a tight budget travel experience. Our needs are endless, and trying to fulfill them with an off the shelf package can be trying. It’s our holiday and we should have the right to decide what we want to do and where we want to go.

As a travel company, all our actions are guided by a few core values, which we feel are timeless in spirit. Our core values are;

  1. Transparency
  2. Comfort & safety
  3. Reliability
  4. Active feedback
  5. Ethical and fair play

As a DMP, we represent the traveler’s interest in each of our holiday destinations. Our collective purchasing power helps the traveler secure good pricing from local vendors and our feedback loops increases transparency and professionalism in the delivery of products and services. All holiday bookings are supported by our 24/7 travel center. 


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