F irstly I'd like to thank you for teaming us up with Rohan, he was an excellent guide to the sites SrimLanka has to offer and was a great source of knowledge for the areas we were travelling in. He ensured we not only saw the normal tourist sites but showed us a number of special places he has discovered over the years.

Each day he was waiting for us exactly at the time we had agreed and was equally patient with us when we were running a little late.

The car was immaculately turned out each day which makes a real difference as it feels like you are climbing into a fresh car each day for your journey. He always accommodated us with water to start the day in his car and ensured we stopped off to buy essentials when we needed them on our journey.

His friendly nature is a real bonus and his professionalism is equally appreciated. Although Sri Lankan traffic is a little different from what we are used to he ensured we were driven from A - B safely and securely.

Rebecca & Steve, UK


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