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About Driver
Sisira is from the southern town of Hambantota, which is close to the famed Yala National Park. He has worked most of his life abroad, having spent twelve years in Greece and then moved to Hong Kong for a while. On his return home, Sisira has worked with two reputed travel companies and has over two years experience in the trade.

With his exposure around the world, Sisira speaks English, Greek and is also conversant in Mandarin. He has had the opportunity of working with clients from Europe, the Middle East and also from China. An expert on the southern coastal belt, Sisira's personal preference is the hill country. He is an avid cricket fan and also enjoys regular sessions at the gym. His enthusiastic and attentive personality will help in making your travels around the country a refreshing experience.
Language Skill
Greek / Chinese / English / 

About Vehicle

  • TLC Reference Number : 67
  • Make : Toyota
  • Model : KDH222
  • Color : Silver
  • Year Of Manufacture : 2006
  • Number Of Adult Passengers : 10
  • Number Of 20Kg Bags : 10
  • Price Per Km : US$ 0.44
  • Minimum Cost Per Day : US$ 60.74

Minimum Cost US$ 60.74 per day


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